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Team Signs
Teams are the heart and soul of the Komen Global Race for the Cure and we want to spotlight your remarkable efforts. To do that, any team that raises $250 or more by Monday, April 14, will earn their very own pre-printed custom sign with their team name. We'll make sure you also get a marker so you can have your team autograph it. (Please note: Donations must be processed or posted online by April 14. If mailing in donation forms, please be sure to postmark them no later than Friday, April 4.) 

Power Teams

Your team can earn your very own space in the Power Team Area of the Race Day site by having 5 or more registered team members (this can include “Sleepers”), and by raising a minimum of $5,000 in donations. With 10 or more registered team members and a minimum of $10,000 in donations, your team will gain access to the VIP area and breakfast on Race morning!

Power Team Deadline: Minimum amount of registrations and donations must be processed or posted online by Wednesday, May 7. If mailing in registration forms or donation forms, please be sure to postmark them no later than Monday, April 28. Once you have met the above requirements, you will be contacted by Komen Global Race staff to confirm the details of your Power Team VIP reservation.

*How fundraising totals are calculated: For the purposes of rewards and recognition, team fundraising totals (the total found on your Team Page) will include donations made to the team (via the Team Donation Form or made through the team's webpage) plus donations made to each of the individual team members (via the Individual Participant Donation Form or the team member's personal webpage). Donations made to a team are not and cannot be split or transferred among individual team members' fundraising totals and thus cannot be applied towards individual fundraising rewards.

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