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Team Fundraising Tools and Printables

Top Team Fundraising Tips

1. Challenge Another Team. It’s friendly competition between teams that will result in more money raised for the fight against breast cancer! You're free to challenge any team, and we would be happy to help pair you with another willing team inside or outside your team's division.

2. ASK for donations! Don’t miss any opportunities to ask for a donation, whether at work, school, a PTA meeting or any social gathering. Let everyone know about your team and your fundraising for the Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure™. Print your team fundraising poster or personalized business cards to advertise your team and your fundraising goals.

3.  Integrate fundraising into any social gathering or party. Be creative. In past years, teams have held movie parties, barbecues, bake sales, benefit nights at restaurants and bars, car washes, chore-a-thons and even online auctions. Use the printable materials below.

4. Send fundraising and recruitment emails. By far this is the fastest way to gather donations from potential donors and recruit new team members. Use one of the sample messages to send through your personal email account or through your Participant Center.

5. Use Facebook and other Social Media. If you haven't already, start Fundraising with Facebook by adding the Facebook fundraising app to your Facebook page. Encourage your teammates to add the app as well. This app will broadcast messages directly to your friends on Facebook. If you use Twitter, tweet your Personal Page URL in the Participant Center and ask your friends to donate. We even have sample Facebook posts for you to use.

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6. Coordinate an all-team ASK day! Pick a day – a day of significance to you or your team or perhaps the person you are supporting or honoring – and set a fundraising goal for the team. On the pre-arranged day, everyone will commit to asking whomever they see in-person or online for a donation. Be prepared with a Komen Global Race business card and be ready to ask. Team members can personalize one of our pre-written fundraising emails specifically for that day. The Facebook fundraising app makes this coordinated ask easy to do online!

7. Corporate Matching. Double your donations through matching gifts. Remind your donors about matching gifts. Many companies will match charitable donations given by their employees. It's an easy way to double your impact. Use our pre-written Matching Gift Message to follow up with donors.

8. Penny War or Loose Change Challenge. You wouldn’t think so, but the pennies and change really add up over time and people are more than happy to donate, especially when it is set up as a competition between departments at work or classes at a school. Print some collection jar wrappers and this team fundraising poster or this personal fundraising poster and contact the appropriate people at work or school.

9. Garage Sale. Ask your friends and family to participate by donating items to sell. Make signs that indicate all proceeds are going to the Komen Global Race. Ask your local paper to run an ad as their contribution. Add a bake sale or lemonade stand, and don’t forget to have a donation jar on display!

10. Use your Team Page in the Participant Center. You and your team have your very own Team Page with a specific URL (www address). People can donate to your team directly from this Team Page. You can also send email from the email center using our sample messages. For many who rely on their computers and smart phones to stay connected, it's the best way to fundraise! (Keep in mind that donations made to a team cannot be divided among individual participants.)

Tools and Printables

Get the Facebook app for the Komen Global Race for the Cure!
Tell all your friends that you’ve joined the Komen Global Race. Recruit teammates. Update everyone on your fundraising progress. This app will do it all! Log in to the Participant Center to install the app on your Facebook page.

You will need your Facebook login information to install the app. Below is a preview of your Facebook cover photo with the fundraising app installed.
Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure

Questions about the Facebook app? Check the Facebook FAQ or send us an email at Need help logging in? Click here.

Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure

Team Fundraising Poster
Use it at work or at parties to fundraise or build your team. Many use the poster along with the collection jar wrapper and business cards below. Print your Team Poster (large or small).

Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure

Collection Jar Wrapper
Affix the wrapper on a jug or large jar, put a team poster above it, and you’re ready to start fundraising. Use it at work or at parties where you are fundraising. Print the Jar Wrapper.

Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure

Team Business Cards
These business cards work great for fundraising and building teams. Use these team business cards at work or social gatherings to fundraise. You can also hand them out to invite new team members to join your team.

Instructions to customize your business cards
1. Click on the card.
2. Type in your name, your team name, and your team's fundraising goal, on one of the cards. The rest of the cards will be updated automatically.
3. Check your spelling, save the document to your computer and print.

 Official Team Logo 2-Color Small

"Official Team" Logo
Right click on the links to download a small or large version of the 2-color Official Team logo to the left you can share and use with your team.

 Official Team Logo 1-Color Small

"Official Team" Logo
Right click on the links to download a small or large version of the 1-color Official Team logo to the left you can share and use with your team.

Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure

All-in-one Letter and Donation Form
Our top fundraisers love these forms! The top half has a pre-written letter asking for a donation; the bottom half has a space for your donor information. You can mail these or hand them directly to potential donors. Log in to print this form.

Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure

Team Donation Form
Use this form for donations that will be credited to your entire team, not an individual participant. Keep in mind that donations made to an entire team cannot be divided among individual team members. Log in to print the Team Donation form.

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